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Packaging plays a crucial role in the marketing strategy of luxury and high-end consumer products.

Luxury brands understand the importance of creating a remarkable first and lasting impression by highlighting the product in high-end rigid setup boxes. These boxes, as well as high-quality folding boxes, are key elements in projecting a luxurious image with their aesthetic and versatile designs while at the same time providing sturdy protection.

Our creative technical team produces exceptional, comprehensive packaging solutions for a wide range of industries, including cosmetics, health and beauty, perfumes, electronics, wine/spirits, holiday gift packages, brand influencers, and much more. Some style examples are below:

  • Collapsible One-Piece Hinged Lid Box
  • Drawer Style
  • Rigid One-Piece Hinged Lid Box
  • Shoulder Box
  • Tube-Style
  • Two-Piece Telescoping Lid (Full or Partial)
  • Wardrobe Style
  • Window Style
  • Metal Boxes—Hinged, Two-Pieced, Round

Luxury Custom Boxes and Packaging - Printing Options

Packaging is a critical component of the marketing of luxury items. A strategic plan for packaging is essential to the process of communicating to prospective customers that the product and brand are different from all others. A product’s packaging has the specific purpose of expressing what the product stands for and what it means to the customer.

Pro Packaging offers an enormous variety of luxury custom packaging options to create every design imaginable.

  • Window options are available in all materials, shapes, and sizes.
  • Custom luxury label design highlights the descriptive features of the product.
  • Offset printing brings high resolution and extraordinarily sharp graphics.
  • Embossing and debossing are processes of raising or recessing specific images or characters for the purpose of directing attention to a logo or other important feature.
  • Raised 3D UV sculpts coating into 3D shapes for an enhanced visual and tactile presentation and raised 3D foil stamping sculpts foil into 3D shapes to offer a uniquely luxurious touch.
  • Silkscreen printing applies a silk mesh and stencils to create inked images.
  • Cold/hot foil stamping highlights images through the use of metallic foil on the package surface.
  • Holographic and prismatic imaging imprint truly uniqueness and creativity to images and characters onto the package.

Interior Design and Material Options

The presentation of an item can be greatly enhanced by the design of the interior of the package. In fact, the interior design of a package is every bit as important as the outside. The initial visualization of the product is a make-or-break moment and can be enhanced immeasurably through an interior design that compliments the item’s most important features. Moreover, the luxury items can receive heightened protection through consideration of the interior design of the package.

The artistic design of the luxury item can be brought out by-products such as high-end foam that has a soft and velvety feel and is available in a wide selection of colors. The foam adds a warm and comforting touch while providing optimal support and cushioning for the item. Molded pulp is the recycled pulp that is molded to custom-fit the product and provides an even greater degree of protection. Additional options include recyclable clear PET packaging featuring vacuum-formed trays that sturdily secure products as well as printed overlays that are positioned over PET trays or foam inserts and are printed or coated to complement the interior and exterior design of the package.

We are also proud to offer eco-friendly options such as recycled board, biodegradable lamination, recyclable film lamination, soy-based inks, and aqueous coatings.

The interior of a box is as important as the exterior. That’s why we have these internal design and material options:

  • High-end Foam: soft, luxurious, velvet to the touch, in a variety of colors, foam adds that special touch while provided excellent cushioning and insulation.
  • Molded Pulp: recycled pulp custom-designed to fit the contours of your product in a natural or smooth finish.
  • Recyclable PET Clear Packaging Material: vacuum formed trays providing sturdy and aesthetic support to secure your products inside your packaging.
  • Printed Overlays: positioned over PET Trays or foam inserts, printed and coated to complement your box graphics.

We’re also proud of our eco-friendly choices, such as:

  • Aqueous Coating
  • Biodegradable Lamination
  • Recycled Board
  • Recyclable Film Lamination
  • Soy-Based Inks

Luxury Custom Boxes Make the Package Part of the Experience

In a competitive marketplace, packaging defines a product in so many ways. Packaging is not merely the placement of a product in a box, but an opportunity to make a definitive impression on a prospective customer. Luxury package design entails making the package part of the purchasing experience. Thoughtfully designed luxury custom packaging makes your product the centerpiece of the presentation and demonstrates to customers that you went that extra mile in the creation of your product.

Brand Value is Established and Enhanced Through Luxury Custom Packaging

Consistency in packaging design is integral to brand recognition. A brand identity is lifelong and ideally should never be changed. Brands that have frequently altered their logos and overall design have often faltered. For this reason, a product’s custom luxury package design may be a singular opportunity. A high quality and consistent brand image will spark consumer interest and will maintain credibility over the long haul.

Choose Pro Packaging for your Custom Luxury Package Design

Pro Packaging will put in the effort to create a thoughtful and detailed visual presentation of your product. We will thoroughly learn about your product and explore distinctive designs that best resonate with your brand. We will study the market for your brand and suggest designs for long-term consumer interest. Our talented team will be with you from the initial consultation to the final production, working together, and sharing our expertise throughout every step of our creative journey. We will implement our knowledge, state-of-the-art products, and innovative designs to enhance the appeal of every aspect of your product.