Our Story

Pro Packaging was founded by Clay Seger in 1983. Already, an 8-year industry veteran of several respectable companies, he started the business to provide more comprehensive solutions for the wide variety of customer needs that were (and still are) being encountered. When a new requirement occurred, rather than saying no, Pro Packaging and staff maintained a can-do attitude and explored all possibilities to meet the need. Well over 35 years later, we continue this expansive attitude today, bringing a wealth of experience to every project. Years of discovering new options have empowered us to think outside the box.

At Pro Packaging, you will enjoy creative and cost-effective ideas that factor in your marketing, production and purchasing goals. Whether it’s a simple chipboard carton or an involved family of interrelated packaging components (vacuum forming, corrugated and/or chipboard cartons/displays, labeling, RFID compliance, green alternatives, etc.), we believe that integrating your objectives with our wealth of experience supports your success.

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About Pro Packaging and How We Are Different

We give clients so many choices because we believe that packaging should not only enhance the product but also help sell it. In today’s competitive market, the box is an opportunity to draw customers. The outside communicates the reputation of what is inside.

Another key component of our work is early involvement with marketing teams during the design phase. Customers consider us an added member of their team; we collaborate to identify marketing strategies and achieve financial objectives. We know how to make the most creative ideas a reality while keeping the cost as low as possible. Clay Seger and his team use state-of-art technology with global manufacturing capabilities.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit Is the Heart of Our Success

Our employees engage in the field’s highest standards and best practices, approaching every project with a “can do” philosophy. Effective collaboration and communication are essential among our team members to provide customers with efficient project management that breeds innovation. With over 35 years of experience in the packaging industry, we can always arrive at an optimal solution, factoring in the time to market, form, function, and cost.

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