Trust Pro Packaging for your Cannabis Brand Product packaging.

Trust the Design team at Pro Packaging for all your Cannabis brand products.  Our team will ensure to design properly labeled and packages so consumers are informed about what they are purchasing and to prevent unintended use. Our team can design cannabis product packaging that is tamper-evident, resalable if the product has multiple uses and child-resistant.  Our Cannabis brand product packaging is labeled and made not be attractive to children, or make health claims or use the word “organic” in violation of federal and state laws. We follow all the labeling requirements that fall into two categories: primary panel requirements and informational panel requirements.

Black and White Packaging

Superior Custom Cannabis Packaging Services

Cultivating truly exceptional cannabis and manufacturing the best cannabis products is both an art and a science. Unfortunately, your efforts can quickly be undone by subpar cannabis packaging.

Just like you put incredible effort into your cannabis operation, the qualified team at Pro Packaging goes above and beyond to deliver the products and features that ensure safe, compliant, and attractive packaging that represents your brand. Whether you’re seeking solutions for boxed or bagged products, labeling, or a combination of marijuana packaging services, our capabilities include smart, creative solutions tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

We understand that you have more important concerns than packaging, which is why we take care of every aspect of the process, from design and production, to promotion and distribution. We’re also happy to work with existing supply chain and fulfillment channels as needed.

Representing your products and your brand with the perfect cannabis packaging is the core of what we do, and that means not only crafting attractive designs, but also ensuring that packaging protects the integrity of your product. The right packaging can help to increase product marketability, drive sales, and keep your products fresh and safe for consumption.

Maybe you’re just starting out and you need help designing product packaging from the ground up. We’ll work with your marketing and finance teams to come up with solutions that meet your branding and marketing needs and help you stick within your budget, all while observing essential functional requirements.

Even if you’ve already launched several products, you may be in the market for a packaging provider that offers fast, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. We not only collaborate closely with every client to create custom packaging that meets practical and aesthetic needs, but we work with your timeline and offer competitive pricing, so you can minimize stress and focus on more important aspects of business management.

Whether you’re selling flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, vapes, or all of the above (and more), the talented and experienced team at Pro Packaging provides custom marijuana packaging that works with your marketing, production, and purchasing goals. Our creative and cost-effective solutions include everything from boxes, bags, and cartons, to interrelated elements like labeling, displays, inserts, and more.

We proudly support the success of our business partners by meeting practical packaging needs and collaborating on designs that represent your brand. With high-quality packaging materials for cannabis products, we give cultivators, growers, processors, and dispensaries the best opportunity to meet and exceed customer demand, surpassing the competition. Pro Packaging is your one-stop shop for truly superior packaging services designed to make your life easier.


Custom Marijuana Packaging Tailored to Your Business

No matter what kinds of products you create, Pro Packaging has the expertise to elevate your efforts with the perfect packaging. What makes our packaging the best for your products? We’re fully aware of industry criteria, and we work hard to understand your unique needs and preferences.

We start by offering options like flexible packaging for flower or edibles, as well as boxes, cartons, or other packaging types, including custom packaging designed to work for every product in your lineup. Our packaging is designed to be tamper-evident, child-resistant, and in some cases, even resaleable, depending on usage.

Pro Packaging also adds essential labeling to your cannabis packaging, and we comply with both primary panel and informational panel requirements. We take pains to ensure that packaging and labels are not attractive to children and we maintain compliance with state and federal laws regarding health claims or the use of words like “organic” that have legal definitions.

We can also create displays for your products that facilitate the addition of advertising, branded swag, and more. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask. Our talented team is more than capable of creating custom packaging that perfectly suits your requirements.


Unique, Eye-Catching Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis packaging could be the first interaction a customer has with your product, and it needs to stand out in all the right ways. Just think about the many products you might have to compete with on a crowded store shelf. You want your products to be seen, recognized, and desired.

Pro Packaging has the expertise to create the custom cannabis packaging that ensures your products gain notice. With consistent, recognizable packaging, it’s easier for customers to find the products they love every time they make a purchase. This helps to drive customer retention and brand loyalty. With so many new cannabis products hitting the market lately, you can’t afford to ignore the importance of consistent branding.

Your marijuana packaging not only acts as a product protection and delivery system – it also contributes to your brand style and evokes an emotional response that consumers associate with your products. Packaging can convey a sense of professionalism, inspire confidence in your products, and even generate excitement about making a purchase. This all contributes to perceived brand value and drives both short- and long-term purchasing decisions, especially when paired with quality products.

You want your products to be memorable, and quality goes a long way toward helping you achieve this goal. However, you first need to get products into customers’ hands, and custom packaging from Pro Packaging helps to forge initial connections and convince prospective buyers that your products are the right choice.

If you’re ready to learn more about the wide range of products and services we offer, contact Pro Packaging today. Our creative team is here to help you find the best packaging solutions for your brand.