Packaging Printing Options

Our multitude of printing and coating processes can accommodate almost any design. These include:

  • Aqueous Coating: water-based protective coating with either a gloss or matte finish.
  • Cold Foil Printing: uses metallic foil to print on a substrate surface.
  • Debossing: imprints recessed images and/or characters onto the packaging surface.
  • Embossing: creates raised images and/or characters on a packaging surface.
  • Glitter Coating: contains glitter in an assortment of colors and coarseness.
  • High-Gloss UV Coating: UV-sealed coating provides a clear “water” glossy finish that intensifies colors and protects the material.
  • Holographic and Prismatic Imaging: imprints prismatic and 3D images and characters onto a substrate.
  • Hot Foil Stamping: Foil in a wide variety of colors and hues is heat-stamped onto the packaging surface creating a luxurious look.
  • Matte or “Satin” UV Coating: UV-sealed coating with a smooth or matte finish to protect the surface and add extra highlight/contrast to your graphics.
  • Metallic Flake Coating: contains small metallic flakes in a range of colors and coarseness.
  • Offset Printing: provides high quality and fine resolution to your graphics.
  • Polypropylene Film Lamination: clear protective film with either a gloss or matte finish laminated over the entire surface to protect printed surface from fingerprints and edge cracking.
  • Raised 3D UV Printing: sculpts coating into 3D shapes for visual and tactile enhancement.
  • Raised 3D Foil Stamping: sculpts foil into 3D shapes for added luxurious feel.
  • Reticulated UV Coating: creates a variety of patterns in the coating itself to provide and add a tactile dimension to your graphics.
Printed Puzzle Box